Activyl TickPlus 6-pk
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$15 Rebate available on Activyl 6-pks!!

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Due to manufacturer rules and regulations regarding the sale of Activyl, we are only able to sell this product to current/active clients of Paws & Co LCVC.

If you would still like to purchase it from us, we would require a prescription form to be filled out by your vet's office verifing a Dr.-patient relationship.  After you place your order, a form will be emailed to you to have your vet's office fill out.  Thanks for your understanding.  

Dogs need protection from both fleas and ticks, and not just out in the woods! 

With the combination of innovative flea control and proven tick control, Activyl® Tick Plus gives you and your dog the best of both worlds, indoors and out. 

Your dog needs a really effective way to control and kill ticks and fleas. 
Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs combines trusted, proven tick control with innovative flea control in the first monthly spot-on that uses bioactivation to kill fleas, and offers effective flea protection and tick control for your dog.

Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs can be purchased at your veterinary clinic. This ensures that your dog gets the best care in flea and tick control as possible.

Easy and convenient to apply, Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs controls fleas and repels and kills adult ticks on contact. It’s fragrance-free, and remains effective even after bathing.

Break the flea life cycle too

Activyl® Tick Plus for Dogs works differently from conventional flea treatments. Using bioactivation, it only becomes fully active on contact with flea enzymes. Plus, it doesn’t just kill adult fleas; it also stops larvae from developing. By breaking the flea life cycle, you’re much more likely to resolve your dog’s problem for good.


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Activyl TickPlus 6-pk

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